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Family Conference

Our next family conference will be 28-30 August 2020 Hilton Hotel, Coventry. As well as 2018 being our 25th anniversary, it was also family conference year! Everyone looks forward to our family conference including the trustee’s, all of whom work extra hard to make the weekend a success. The conference was held once again at The Hilton Hotel, Coventry on 10-12 August 2018. We have an excellent relationship with the hotel staff and they tell us that they look forward to us coming every time!

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AngelmanUK 25th Anniversary Ball

My experience of Angelman meet-ups usually involves snatching a couple of sentences with another parent or carer in passing, before having to dash off and rescue Woody from whatever chaos he is currently causing. This usually happens whilst I am covered in his dribble, the remains of his last meal and sporting a hairstyle that can only be achieved by having your hair grabbed and stuffed in his mouth while he has you in a full headlock.

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Angelman Syndrome Alliance News

For those of you who are new to AngelmanUK the ASA is a collaborative project between international charities to fund scientific research into Angelman Syndrome. Both projects are nearing completion and we hope to launch our next grant call before the end of the year.

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