Or.S.A Angelman Syndrome Conference 2013
Notes by Katie Cunnea
Cure neurodevelopmental genetic disorders, please
Bernard Dan and Ellie Smith 2012
Maternal UBE3A in Angelman Syndrome
Bernard Dan 2012
Nature 2011 Drugs to awaken a paternal gene
Beaudet 2011
Topoisomerase inhibitors
Nature 2011
Genomic imprinting neurodevelopmental phenotype
Mabb 2011
Epilepsia in AS
Bernard dan 2009
Jeu de miroirs between medical illustration and art
Bernard Dan 2005
Effects low dose melatonin on sleep in with Angelman Syndrome
Genetic Testing For Angelman Syndrome
Addressing the Needs of Parents and Their Children with Disabilities:
Especially in Times of School Transitions
Communication Aids
Dopey's seizure
Bernard Dan 1999
Why do angels have trouble speaking
Robin Alvares 1998