Most individuals with Angelman Syndrome will need some specialist equipment, some more than others. Only time will tell what, if anything, your child will need and adopting a wait and see attitude, rather than trying to plan immediately after diagnosis for every future possibility for your child, will save you a lot of time, worry and expense.

There is a vast array of products available to help you and the person with Angelman Syndrome. From the basics of specially designed forks and spoons, to high tech wheelchairs, hoists and safe, secure beds. Monitors to measure oxygen levels, observe seizure activity. Communication aids, special toothbrushes, personal care equipment. Modifications to your home, such as ramp access to the front door, wider doorways for wheelchair accessibility, a driveway for safe access to a car. Double bannisters on the stairs, or a through-floor lift. An extension to house a downstairs bedroom and/or a wetroom. The list goes on and new products and technologies to enable and assist people with disabilities of all kinds are arriving on the marketplace faster than ever.

The AngelmanUK family conference every two years has a small exhibition of some of the toys and equipment available and representatives from the companies that make them or sell them are available to answer questions and make suggestions.

Throughout the year, there are a series of exhibitions at various locations around the country displaying a wide array of specialist equipment and advice on a wide range of subjects. They are free and children are welcome.