Welcome to AngelmanUK. We are a volunteer-led registered charity based in the UK. We currently have no paid staff and we are run by a dedicated team of trustees who are all parents or siblings of someone with Angelman syndrome.  Our primary aims are:


We help support people with AS and their families as well as carers of people with Angelman Syndrome. We also provide support to professionals working with the person with AS, who may have met very few or no other individuals with Angelman Syndrome in their professional career.


We aim to educate and raise awareness of this rare neurological condition and the issues that surround it. As with many such conditions, Angelman Syndrome is not just about a simple diagnosis, but requires parents and carers to adapt as situations change and the individual grows older.


We assist many organisations and individuals in carrying out research into Angelman Syndrome and its many related areas. Much of this research has already provided great benefit to families and carers around the world. We are one of the founder members of the international Angelman Syndrome Alliance – a cross border research initiative that is allowing smaller groups to pool resources for the benefit of all.

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