AngelmanUK relies solely on donations and fundraising to fund all the excellent work. Therefore our army of fundraisers are very important to us. Every penny really does make a difference; so if you are thinking of raising some funds for us, please get in touch. The most common way of fundraising is usually to do a sporting event such as a run or walk or bike ride etc and ask family and friends to sponsor you. This can be using sponsor forms, or you can set up a donation page on Virgin Giving or Just Giving (AngelmanUK are registered with both). We have also had funds raised by coffee mornings, football matches, cricket matches, hair cuts, conker competitions … The rule is – there are no rules. You are very welcome to raise funds in whatever way you would like.

AngelmanUK can provide some promotional items such as information leaflets, balloons, pens. We can also provide larger posters and banners depending on the event. AngelmanUK running vests are also sent out to anyone who is taking part in a suitable sporting event.

For fundraising resources or if you have any questions please contact Lisa Court.

We will help publicise your fundraising as much as we can.