For those of you who are new to AngelmanUK the ASA is a collaborative project between international charities to fund scientific research into Angelman Syndrome.

We are currently funding two projects:

Tiziana Borsello and Silvia
Russo, Milano, Italy.

Project title: Potential
therapeutic approach for synaptic deficit in Angelman syndrome: the JNK inhibitor peptide.

Ben Philpot, UNC, USA.

Project title: Quantifying EEG abnormalities and identifying biomarkers in Angelman Syndrome.

Both projects are nearing completion and we hope to launch our next grant call before the end of the year.

The 6th International scientific conference was held in Germany on 12-13 October. There was an exciting list of speakers:
M. Scheffner, H. Sitte, Y. Elgersma, S. Chamberlain, B. Distel,
S. Russo, B. Philpot, K. Egawa, C. KannegieBer-Leitner, B. Horsthemke, Ed Weeber & J.Daily Agilis Biotherapeutics, E.Schneider IONIS Parmaceutical, Inc. and E.McNeil, Biogen and OVID Gaboxadol trial.

Kate Cunea and Rachel Martin represented AngelmanUK at the annual board/members meeting. Kate also sits on the board of the ASA. Look out for much more information in our next newsletter!