London Marathon –

once again our London marathon runners did an amazing job of raising over £16,899 for AngelmanUK as well as raising awareness in their families and local communities. The Enthuse London Marathon is one of our biggest fundraisers and we are eternally grateful for their magnificent efforts. Considering the current financial climate we think they did a fantastic job to raise so much money!


Yuksel Selvi, Sean McKeown & Mike Kilgannon


Chris Mason & David Darrock


Chris Foden with Amellia & Jude


“Amellia and Jude came up with the idea of doing a cake sale at their school which only has 100 pupils, Seagrave Village Primary School, this month to help raise sponsorship towards Jude’s dad’s (Chris Foden) London Marathon race.  Amellia was so proud to be helping raise this money as her youngest sister Imogen has Angelman Syndrome. They raised £120!” – Victoria Wilson

Luke Ryan


Huge thanks to the Prison Service Charity Fund for donating to Luke Ryan’s London marathon fundraising.


Great North Run –

Massive thanks to Stephanie Lewin and Ste Bray who ran the great North run and raised a tremendous £2065 + gift aid.

“We saw a few Angelman runners and cheerleaders on the day, it was so amazing” – Stephanie

Stephanie’s nephew, Josef Lewin passed away in 2021 at almost 22 years of age. Thank you for your continued support.


We really appreciate all of our fabulous fundraisers and every penny counts. We couldn’t support our families without your help! If you would like to run the London marathon, Gt North Run or take part in any other sporting event to raise funds for AngelmanUK please contact


Waendel Walk –

“We completed the 5km walk and Nyra was fantastic. There were over 50 people who walked for the table tennis club and raised so much awareness. We spoke to lots of people about it. As a family, we have had phenomenal support and have raised over £5,000 so far. It truly has been amazing.”

Thank you to Agna’s family & friends



Please send photographs of your fundraising activities to so we can share them with our families.