27-29th October 2023 at the Hilton Hotel, Coventry



Day 1, for Professionals:

AAC implementation is a journey. Stepping Into AAC is a compilation of resources to support that journey that incorporates:

1) actionable AAC practice

2) videos that guide one through a range of AAC topics

3) a newsletter to expand learning and provide additional resources, in a sharable format, with the goal of supporting teams to establish habits of AAC implementation.

This session will provide targeted exploration of Stepping Into AAC resources. Companion resources will also be utilized and shared to equip participants to facilitate meaningful learning experiences, anchored by Stepping into AAC content, with colleagues as well as families. Professionals working with individuals with complex support needs are the target audience for this session.

Day 2, for Families:

Stepping into AAC is a compilation of resources designed specifically to support families on their AAC journey, whether just getting started, needing inspiration, or seeking information and ideas to engage as an informed and empowered member of your loved one’s support team. This session will explicitly explore the components of Stepping into AAC resources which include:

1) actionable AAC practice

2) videos to guide one through a range of AAC topics

3) a newsletter to expand learning, as well as share with others, and provide additional resources to explore. Resources are paced to support families across 20 weeks, though the pace is flexible to suit your needs.


Day 3, for Families including individuals with AS:

This session will build on the previous day’s learning by providing targeted opportunities for families to engage with Stepping Into AAC resources to:

1) practice

2) plan

3) set goals to keep the momentum of learning going as they return home.



Guest keynote speaker – Karen Erickson



Karen Erickson, Ph.D. is the Director of the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies, a Professor in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, and the Yoder Distinguished Professor in the Department of Allied Health Sciences, School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research addresses literacy assessment and instruction for struggling readers of all ages including those with significant disabilities. Karen is co-developer of the Tar Heel Reader online library of accessible books for beginning readers, as well as several other assistive and learning technologies. She is a former teacher of children with significant disabilities.

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