AngelmanUK is excited to announce a new partnership with the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.

The ASF Family fund was created in 2019 to ease the financial burden of caring for someone with Angelman Syndrome in the USA. AngelmanUK is thrilled to be able to join forces with both the ASF and the Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society (CASS) in order to support our families here in the UK.

Applications for grants open on 1st October 2021 and 1st April 2022

To apply for a grant please follow the link and apply via the ASF website: asf family fund

UK grants will be awarded at the discretion of AngelmanUK and the ASF.

You can apply for a grant of up to £500 towards items such as:

  • Ipad or tablet for communication
  • PODD book and training
  • Communication app
  • Contribution towards adapted equipment eg adapted trike or all terrain wheelchair
  • Financial contribution towards towards the cost of attending specialist physical therapy provision, communication training, etc

Grants for larger amounts or other items will be considered at the discretion of AngelmanUK and the ASF.

Please note that we are not able to fund enclosed beds or trikes in entirety. Applications for items such as beds, walkers, wheelchairs and trikes require the support of a professional such as a Social Worker or Occupational Therapist. This must take the form of a letter or email from a recognised institution such as Social Services or the NHS.

You may be signposted to alternative funding streams should this be appropriate. Grants may take the form of a financial contribution or the item requested will be purchased on your behalf.

If your application is not successful you are welcome to reapply for the next round. If successful you can re apply every 3 years.

We hope that this exciting new project helps many families and we can’t wait to see you share how your loved one with AS has benefited from us working closely with our international partners.


“AngelmanUK is excited to be working collaboratively with the ASF. Both organisations have a long history of sharing the same goal: to support the Angelman community to the best of our ability.

Working together along with CASS, this new venture will make a significant difference to our UK families and will reinforce positive international networks at a time when the community needs us to work together”.

Rachel Martin, AngelmanUK


“At the Angelman Syndrome Foundation we believe that when we collaborate and work together, we can make a bigger impact to support families on their AS journey. The ASF is very proud of the ASF Family Fund and the impact it has had so far on the AS community. We are thrilled to have Angelman UK partner with us. Their involvement will amplify the support we are able to give to AS families from diagnosis to cure and beyond.”

Amanda Moore, CEO of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.