AngelmanUK Face Masks available are now in packs of 4, or as single masks from our Website shop.

Unisex, 2 layer with filter pocket and nose wire, washable with adjustable elastic.

Facemasks or non medical face coverings are now required in shops in England & Scotland as they already are on public transport. Masks are not required to be worn in shops currently in Wales.

There are exemptions for some people with disabilities or mental health conditions who may struggle to wear one, however the advice is to wear a mask or face covering if at all possible.

Wearing a mask not only protects yourself but also others around you and offers an added layer of protection.

This is the current guidance for each country.

Static-cling Emergency stickers are also now available from the Website shop.

These are removable, reversible, can be stuck to inside or outside of glass, 75 x 75mm (same size as a UK Tax Disc).