Join us over the Easter weekend

Angelman UK is very happy to announce that our regional events are back and we’re off to the zoo! We know our families have missed our regular regional events and we all love meeting up with each other don’t we? Thank you to our fabulous fundraisers who make it possible to offer our families these opportunities.

Please click on the booking link to confirm your choice of venue and who will be attending. The subsidised rate applies to registered AngelmanUK families only.

We can’t wait to see you there!

N.B: in order to get the best value for our families we are asking that you take ID with you as proof of disability or carer. BLUE BADGES are not being accepted as proof – you need to take a copy of your DLA or PIP award letter. If you have a season ticket for the venue of choice please indicate this clearly on the form. If you are a student please take your student ID.