About Assert

What we do

Assert is a United Kingdom based support group. We are all volunteers who have direct contact with Angelman Syndrome. The majority of the trustees are parents or relatives of children or adults with Angelman Syndrome. We also have a panel of experts who are able to answer and advise on more complex questions. Many of these experts are recognised worldwide in their fields of expertise relating to Angelman Syndrome.

Support & Regional meetings

To provide better support for families and carers we have allocated trustees or representatives to different regions around the country. As our national conference happens only every two years each region will endeavour to have regular meetings together so that you can get to know people in your locality. Because some of the regions are geographically challenging and life often gets in the way, we are also reliant upon you organising your own events too. We will do all we can to support such events and can often support them financially. Please contact your nearest trustee for more details.

Information about these regional meetings will be printed in the newsletter or posted in the events section of this website, but if there isn’t a meeting in your area any time soon and you want to meet other people connected with Angelman Syndrome you’ll be more than welcome to attend meetings in other areas.

Trustees & Regions

Rachel Martin – North West and North Wales Region

Rachel Martin is our Chair and responsible for online support.  Rachel lives in North Wales and is a stay at home mum.  Rachel has 4 children – Alex, James (AS del+ born 2001), Zac and Beth.

Rich Williams – South Wales

Rich Williams has been a trustee since 2004 and is currently Vice Chair. Rich lives in Swansea, is married to Sue and works for the National Trust. Dad to Max (born 2010) and Holly (AS del+ born 2002). Holly lives in Wiltshire with her Mum.

Sue Williams – South Wales

Sue Williams is our secretary.  She is married to Rich and has a son, Max.  Sue loves looking after Holly (AS del+ born 2002) and helping her enjoy new experiences and taking her for meals out.

Lisa Court – Central Region

Lisa Court is our Treasurer and responsible for merchandise.  Lisa is married to Craig and has 3 children – Ella (AS del+ born 2002), Jacob and Thomas.

Katie Cunnea – South West Region

Katie Cunnea is our research trustee.  Katie lives in Wiltshire and is married to David.  They have 2 children – Ruby (AS del+ born 2007) and Finley.

Jonathan Allen – South West Region

Jonathan Allen is the siblings support trustee. Jonathan lives in Wiltshire with his parents and has 2 sisters, Eloise (AS del+ born 1989) and Eleanor. jonathan.allen@anglemanuk.org

Diane Fox-Jones – South-East Region

Diane helps run the telephone helpline. She lives in Surrey and is married to Christyan. They have 3 children, Lottie, Harvey (AS del+ born 1998) and Milo.


Sian Cartwright – North East Region

Sian Cartwright is our Professional Advisor.  Sian lives in Leeds with her partner Peter.  They have two children Poppy and Euan (AS del+ born 1995) and four chickens.

Catrina Fraser – Scotland

Catrina lives in Clydebank with her husband and 3 sons, the oldest of which Andrew (born 2002) has AS. She is an active fundraising co-ordinator.

Rosemary Teggin – Ireland

Rosemary Teggin is a non-trustee and is our Northern Ireland and Eire representative, organising regional meetings for our Irish members. Rosemary is married to Nigel and has 3 grown up sons.  Philip who has AS is the youngest and is in his 20s.

Andrea Baines – Central Region

External Fundraising and Central Region.

Mairi Leith-McGaw – Scotland

Outside the UK

Whilst we are primarily a UK based support group, we do recognise that some countries do not have support groups of their own, and so we do have a number of members from overseas.

Support for siblings

A part of Assert’s work that is growing is support for the brothers and sisters of people with AS, as we recognise that they will have their own needs. If siblings of any age want to talk with someone in a similar position about how they feel or the issues they’re facing we have people who can lend a listening ear – often siblings are surprised that there are others out there that have experiences, both happy and sad, that are the same as theirs. In addition we have a facebook group, “My brother/sister has Angelman’s Syndrome” where siblings keep in touch and we run events for siblings at the biennial conference. For more information about this contact Jonathan Allen.

Meet our Patron

Gareth Edwards, the award winning British director and special effects artist is ASSERT’s new patron. Gareth, from Nuneaton, has first hand experience of Angelman Syndrome as his niece, Ella, has the condition. He has also seen the work that ASSERT does first hand having attended both central regional meetings and our national conference with his family in the past. His most notable release to date is the hugely successful film Godzilla (2014). He is also known for the award winning independent science fiction film ‘Monsters’ (2010). Gareth is currently working on ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ for Disney/Lucasfilm. It is set for a 2016 release and he is already promising to give us an exclusive insight soon.